GP out of hours - have your say

From now until 6th November 2017, the department of health are conducting a survey on what people would want from the "8 while 8" GP opening service. One thought we've had is that it starts from 8am, and so those of our patients the currently benefit from the earlier morning appointments would lose out. To participate in the survery, either click here to use the online version, or, if you prefer, download the paper version.

Charity Flu Clinic

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On Saturday 30th October the surgery opened its doors to do a flu clinic. We administered 371 vaccines that day. We'd like to encourage eligible patient who did not attend that session to contact the receptionist to get booked in for their vaccination.

Read more about flu jabs and eligibility here

Our patient Participation Group wanted to use the occasion to try raise money for McMillan cancer relief. And so, they hosted a coffee and cake morning. We managed to raised £422. Thank you to all who contributed and all those who gave up their time to help.

The truth about the state of General Practice

The NHS is currently under tremendous pressure. We are concerned that the media and the government are portraying general practice in a very negative way. The Ivy Grove Practice in Derbyshire have created a short video about the present state of the NHS. To view the video click here.

New Advanced Nurse Practitioner

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Claire Wright, one of our practice nurses, has recently qualified as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. From the start of August Claire will work alongside the doctors in her new role.
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Repeat Prescription ordering

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From the 1st August 2017, except in extreme circumstances from particularly vulnerable patients, the surgery will only accept telephone requests for prescriptions between the hours of 9am and 1pm.
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Travel Vaccinations

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Nowadays people are jetting off to more and more exotic locations. The surgery is happy to offer general travel advice, and through our travel immunisations service, we're happy to offer common vaccinations (such as typhoid, hepatitis A, tetanus) and preventative treatment against catching malaria. However, there are some more exotic vaccinations that we cannot offer, such as to rabies, yellow-fever and Japanese-encephalitis.
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Wasted Appointments

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In the Month of July this year,there were 63 appointments where the patient failed to show up, (In June this figure was 69). This amounts to over 12 hours of wasted doctor and nurse time. We understand that sometimes conditions get better, or other engagements crop up and people cannot attend their appointment, but if this occurs we ask that you cancel the appointment with as much notice as you can give so that the appointment can be offered to other waiting patients.

Elective Surgery

The C.C.G. has decided to restrict or postpone elective surgery for smokers and overweight patients until they have stopped smoking or lost weight.

This is because the anaesthetic risks and the risks of complications are so much greater in these groups of patients. The long-term outcomes have been shown to be so much better in people who successfully stop smoking and lose weight.

Patients affected will be given a target and a timescale in which to achieve it.

Learn more about how to lose weight and services to aid quitting smoking.